Thursday, November 17, 2011

New blog, new site...

We have moved our webpage and blog to

Please check us out there :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lazy Days and Crazy Dogs...

And random ramblings. And interesting Pointer facts.

With Pointers, you will never do anything alone ever again. You will not be able to use the bathroom in peace, you will not go into the "Land of Garage" alone ever again. No trips up the stairs (or down the stairs) will ever be complete without a Pointer tagging along behind you. And, should you shut the door and not allow them to grace you with their company, they will sit or stand, staring at the door completly confused, until you emerge again. Ahhhh, Pointers, they really do love their people ;)

And speaking of the "Land of Garage" (which is what the garage in our house is called, in case you were wondering) is a magical place that Pointers are not often allowed. It contains Daddies car, the dog food freezer, and other magical things that the dogs are not often allowed to see. It is a wonderful Pointer playland, and occassionally, Mom goes in there and has big buckets of meat from which the dogs sometimes get small pieces of even BEFORE its dinner time. Yes, the Land of Garage is a WONDERFUL place...too bad Pointers are not allowed in there more often. But if they were, it would lose its magical powers and just be another part of the house.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stuff and Things...

A lot of planning going on around here :)

Planning a litter. Planning a new addition (and no, you dont get to know about it until it is actually HERE!). Planning for Nationals. Planning, planning, planning.

Some of it will become reality (I WILL be at Nationals this year!) and some of it might get pushed aside. But hey, having a plan can get you through some tough days! So, I plan :)

I'm excited to start getting health testing knocked out of the way on the girls. While my wallet may not appreciate it, I know I will feel better once it is all done and I can start going forward with some of these plans. Juno is 2 in August, and Lorne is 2 in October, so both will have hips and elbows done by the end of the year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Juno does NOT come in heat in the next few weeks and we can have her Thyroid pulled at the clinic at Nationals. Otherwise, I will have to wait. Lorne will have hers pulled at the Thyroid clinic offered at the Colorado Springs shows in June. Once I find an eye clinic (I prefer to wait for the $20 or $25 ones instead of going to the $30 or $35 ones) I will get them both checked. And then, we will be done :) And can go forward with another plan. Provided, of course, that everyone passes their tests!!

I will keep you guys posted as things go along!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Terry All Kennel Club

....I didnt have anything entered, but took Louie for Melissa to show in Juniors on Saturday, and took Juno along to get her out and about again before Nationals.
Melissa and Louie placed second in their class of 10...not bad for a wild man of a dog who hasnt been shown since October!!!

Juno had fun being run around, played with, and just in general loved on. She really is a good girl sometimes ;)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The much needed update...

So much has gone on, and life has been so hectic for the past year! Its going to be hard to give it all proper credit.....

The Army never ceases to suprise us with new ways to make life difficult, and that accounts for a lot of the stress and hectic-ness in our lives.

Maui has continued to be an awesome show dog. She has placed in some competitive Veterans groups at local shows, and continues to be a great Juniors dog for Melissa, as well as the resident spoiled-rotten Queen of Grandiose. At just shy of 8 years old, she passed her CERF test with flying colors, something we are quite proud of. She will have her Thyroid tested in May, and will then be eligible for her CHIC number.

We finished Louie's AKC Championship on July 3rd, 2010. Hes been pretty much just hanging out since then. He has a few points towards his Grand Championship, but I do not think it is something we plan to pursue with him. Revelations regarding the health of his pedigree have come to light, along with the fact that due to his faults, I have no desire to breed him myself, nor would I allow anyone else to use him as a stud, so it is our intention to have him nuetered this summer. Suprisingly, Brian is in full agreement despite his "I think all the boys should keep their balls" mentality.

Pyro finished his AKC Championship with Jinny Rojas on the other end of the lead back East in the Spring of 2010. He picked up a big 4 point major at the huge Atlanta cluster in April, and finished his Championship requirements with all the singles he needed in the following two weekends. He came home in July, and has just been hanging out wtih us since. I've worked on his obedience training a bit on and off, but life keeps getting in my way, and I need to get him into a class to fine tune everything with both him and I before we start trialing. I am really hoping to get his CGC soon, and looking forward to possibly taking him to a WAE test in the fall.

Juno, who I do not believe I have ever introduced on this blog, came to us in November of 2009 from Penzance and Racecity Pointers. Shes a great little girl, who we love to death, and have had a great time raising for the past year or so. She is singled out in AKC by the loving hands of Melissa Davis, and is just looking for her majors to finish her Championship. We have been looking for stud dogs to take her to, and will complete all her health testing over the summer and fall.

Lorne is our little girl from the Mick X L litter which was mentioned in the blog, but never updated on. She is our pick girl, and we have high hopes for her, based on our history with her breedings. She has 5 points towards her AKC Championship, and we plan to show her sparingly as we do not expect her to be physically mature until approx 4 or 5 years old. She will have her health testing done in the fall/winter and we will work with her from there.

*Whew* Am I done yet? Hopefully not!! I am hoping I can manage to keep this blog updated as time goes on.......we have a busy summer planned, and in a month will be on the road to Pointer Nationals!! We have two great dogs that we are taking along in addition to two of our own that will be tagging along with us. Heres to more updates, in a much more timely manner!!

Has It Really Been This Long?

Things have changed quite a bit over the past year around here!! Let me see if I can do them justice with an update :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

UKC and Sporting Dog Specialty....

2 weeks ago, I took Pyro to a local UKC show to see what its all about, try our hand at it, and see if we like it. I do have to say, I love the day of show entries! lol. But I hate the fact that its not as "scheduled" as AKC shows are. Regardless, we had fun, and it was MUCH more laid back than AKC is!! Pyro won Best of Breed 3 out of the 4 shows, and finished his UKC Championship by beating the Champions that were entered. On Sunday afternoon, he also placed third in the large Guardian Group, which was exciting!! I brought Maui along on Sunday and entered her in the Veterans exhibition, and she placed Reserve Best Veteran In Show!!!! It was so exciting!!! She won some stuffed toys, as well as a big bag of Canidae!! I still need to scan the pic and post it.......been too busy!!

Last weekend, I loaded up the dogs and headed down to New Mexico for the Sporting Dog Fanciers of NM Specialty...I only had Louie entered, in both Sweeps and Regular classes. Both days, Louie won Best Pointer in Sweeps, as well as WD. Our class competition didnt show up, so there were no points available :( We had a blast, took Broker out and ran him around and he didnt spaz and throw on the breaks, so we may be on a good start there! lol.

Off to the Pueblo shows tomorrow morning...Louie is entered Saturday (no points available) and Pyro entered on Sunday. I have Maui entered in Veterans on Saturday as well. Heres hoping for a great weekend!!!!!!